Building Blocks of the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh

Discover protocol details and concepts of the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh

Zero Trust Architecture

"Never trust, always verify"

The core concepts of the cyber-security mesh support zero-trust architecture. "Never trust, always verify" is implemented by mutual authentication and authorization as a standard. The cyber-scurity mesh is a composable set of digital identities, that protect each other.

Digital Identity Management

Hybrid approach to Identity Management

The cyber-security mesh adds a new hybrid key management system, that combines the strength of web-of-trust and public key infrastructures setups. Nearly everything is based on fingerprints of digital identities and their associated data.

Net Neutrality Included

Transport Layer Privacy 1.0

Our internal abstraction layer is based on random digital identities to protect the privacy of its users. Connectivity happens on a logarithmic scale. Still everybody can establish virtual connections based on common topics.

Disposible Identities

Pseudoymization as a Best Practice

The Neuropil® cyber-security mesh uses disposible identities as a "mean to generate, control and use pseudonyms for different purposes". Each data channel will receive a different pseudonym to exchange data.

End-to-End Encrypted

Even for Multicast Transports

Built-in to the cyber-security mesh is a rock-solid multicast encryption that eases your path to digital sovereignty. We reinvented the wheel to easily encrypt data for all receivers, just a single receiver or a subgroup of receiver. Encryption is based on the most advanced algorithms.

Attribute Based Access Control

Harness the power of attributes

Attributes can be attached to digital identities or data channels. Each attribute set contains an immutable list of key-value pairs, that is protected with cryptographic toolset. Attributes can be added and are finally signed by the attribute holder.


Group Encryption included

Attach multiple receiver to your data sources and reduce your implementation effort when you add new capabilities to your enterprise. Attaching an additional receiver is just an authorization step away.

Enhanced Data Channels

Discover virtual, public, protected and private data channels

Similar to the concepts in object-oriented programming, data channels can be setup with different capabilities. Each type offers a set of advantages , that allows you to adapt the cyber-security mesh for your use-case. Need an additional layer of protection?

Search & Discovery

coming soon ...

Create a distributed search engine for your enterprise and start discovering your data in a complete new fashion. Our algorithms have been developed as part of the NGI Zero Discovery project and enables the discovery of data sources

Malware protection

coming soon ...

Add the best malware detection engine into each component of your enterprise. Our algorithm have been developed as part of the NGI Zero Discovery project and will protect your enterprise from malware related attacks.