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Funding Partners

Software needs maintenance and improvements. When you become a funding partner, you are supporting our project with others. Financing will be realized as an OpenCollective project (setup is pending).

Basic package: With a yearly fee you are allowed to use our trademark on your webpage to show your contribution to security and privacy by design. Your funding will be used to maintain our web presence, finance improvements, relaize upcoming releases and to foster the community.

Advanced Package: In addition to the Basic package, you will receive voting rights for the planning of upcoming fetaures and releases or activities. In addition you can co-develop parts of the cyber-security mesh.

NGO / Academic Partners

Do you have a new solution and want to incorporate it into the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh? For academic institutions we are offering a "liason" package that allows you to use our trademark in your research. As an academic partner you will be involved in the evaluation and planning of protocol proposals.

Governance Partner

Like it's counterpart in the nature, the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh is a technical platform that allows the interconnection of thousands of participants and systems. In the same way we believe that it is important to set-up the required governance structures to organize the activities of it's users and authors.

Our goal is therefore the foundation of a European Non-Profit organization, that is developing and marketing the trademark as well as maintaining and running projects that are based on security and privacy by design.

If you are an european enterprise, SME or and an academic institution, then we are looking for your request to enhance and improve the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh. As a governance partner you may add your own services / products. Let's shape the future of cybersecurity together!

With all of our partners we would like to follow the guidelines and rules that are currently being established as part of our NGI Assure project.

Democratic Access Control

"Legal" partners establish rules and plans that affect the direction of the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh. This includes feature planning, community rules and marketing campaigns. The goal is to establish rules that ease the task of executors.

"Executive" partners can take plans and turn them into reality. This includes software development, SaaS offerings or scientific validations. As a "execution" partner you will benefit from clear rules that allows you to plan your work.

Monitoring and checking whether projects and rules are followed by executor is the task of the "informative" partners. Note that there can be two different approaches to monitor rules and directions: Checking whether all plans and rules have been followed, or trying to find evidence for discrepancies.

Last but not least, the "judiciary" partners can evaluate the results from the informative roles to request changes: Either by changing or refining plans and rules, or by requesting different behaviour of executors. Sometimes this is also referred to a dispute settling

As a governance partner, you will be allowed to choose one of the above mentioned roles. Voting and protocol proposal rights will be based logarithmic proportions of your payments.

pi-lar GmbH as the project initiator and current trademark holder will retain a veto right on all proposals for the time being.

Current Partners

Currently the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh has two major partners.

Stichting NLnet

Sponsorship of NGI Zero Discovery and NGI Assure projects

The foundation "Stichting NLnet" stimulates network research and development in the domain of Internet technology. The articles of association for the NLnet foundation state: "to promote the exchange of electronic information and all that is related or beneficial to that purpose".

NLnet does not directly benefit from the undertaken projects, and all developments are published as libre and open source.

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With the help of Stichting nlnet we were able to build the initial release and setup of and Their current role can be defined as a mixture of infromation and judicary, as they check progress and outcomes of the NGI projects

pi-lar GmbH

Initial project setup and current trademark holder

pi-lar Gmbh started the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh project in 2014, Source code was made available as open source in 2016. Since then, pi-lar has continuosly improved and developed the protocol until today.

pi-lar is looking forward to transfer the current trademark to an NGO. Until this goal has been achieved, the trademark will be used to protect the intelectual property and products of pi-lar GmbH and its partners.

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