Downloads and Installation

Get started with the Neuropil® cyber-security mesh

Releases & Packages

Grab our Latest Release

Download the package that you need. Currently we are building packages for Linux and BSD variants, more distriutions will follow.

VM Images

Docker Images are provided in two fashions. Only with the minimum set, or a more complete setup that includes our Python binding.


Our repository contains the necessary NixOS scripts. Grep your reproducible build now!

Open Source Development

We believe in open source, do you?

The Neuropil® cybersecurity mesh is developed as an open-source solution for very good reasons:

The software itself is based on other open-source components, public knowledge and scientific work. Open source is our way to acknowledge and respect the work of others.

Software should be shared and not kept secret. We believe that good security tools need public development and reviews, so that it can be improved by many people. Errors can be mitigated earlier.

Each software is just a building block, that others can re-use. We hope to attract independent open-source developers to build a vibrant community, mutually improving the Neuropil® protocol and creating other valuable solutions.

Community Pages (Update in progress)

In our community pages you will find the protocol details, tutorials and API description. We are looking forward to extend our services with a chat and social media activities.


Community Driven Development

Our Gitlab Repository contains the reference implementation and issue board. Our releases are also mirrored to github for better accessibility