Business Advantage: Neuropil® cyber-security mesh!

Enable your business with cyber security

We have collected an initial set of advantages for your business. You will not find a single solution on the market that offers you all of these capabilities at once and being based on an open-source model.

Data Provenance

Data channels are build on mutual trust. Each data object is received from dedicated peers and can be traced back to their origin with ease. Data (sets) can reference each other with their respective hash values. This works even without the use of a blockchain. The cyber-security mesh opens the path to an easier "master data management" than ever before.

Data Sovereignty

Every data channel is based on mutal agreement of digital identities and their associated attributes. Attributes contain e.g. copyright information, usage policies and additional company specific metadata. With the acceptance of peer token partners are enabled to exchange their data assets according to specified rules for specific use cases.

Integrated Enterprise Architecture Map

As applications start up and register themselves in the cyber-security mesh, they become visible and can be easily mapped to your IT landscape. Even users become visible, allowing you to get a live runtime picture of your complete enterprise. The same applies for attackers: They have to become visible first, before they can attack your data or infrastructure.

Access and Release Management

As data channels are based on mutual trust, you can easily collect the corresponding token in your access management control center. As a consequence you will be able to switch each API interface and its usage on and off as desired. On the infrastructure level, you will be able to re-configure allowed connections between systems with ease.

Verifiable Runtime Environment

Applications work best, when their runtime environment is also secure. Using virtual data channels as "canary" signals, each application is able to start-up anonymous to first verify it's runtime environment and before starting any computational modules or loading data. When loosing connectivity, applications can shut down (certain) functionality to ensure the security and privacy of data.

Cryptographic Keyspace

As each entity in the cyber-security mesh is using at least one digital identity, the whole mesh turns into a cryptographic key space. This allows you to draw your secrets from the runtime environment, without the need to store an extensive set of keys in local wallets or on unsafe disks. With the cybersecurity mesh acting as a key management protocol in the background, your enterprise will gain cryptographic superpowers.

Integrated License Management

Subscribing to a data channel automagically creates a connection between a service provider and service user. There is no need to pre-establish a database with additional license information, you may collect your user base as people start using your services. Upon acknowledgement of data you have a proof that a user has received data from you. The base implementation is open for a variety of extensions: digital content creators can benefit from pay-per-use models, while software vendors may want to offer subscriptions.

Ticketing Inclusive

Virtual data channel allow you to collect token of interested peers. When additional attributes are added to these token, they can be used as an "entrance" ticket for a variety of use cases: train tickets, toll collect stations or a vaccination proofs? Easy to implement! Tickets are always valid only for a specific lifetime, and may contain one ore more signatures for multi-party usage scenarios. In addition, our tickets are based on disposible identities to protect the privacy of your users.

Distributed Enterprise Search

Disocver data in silos without moving data into the cloud. With a fresh and de-central approch to internet search it is possible to add privacy-preserving search entries either to the public, or to your private search cluster. You may cluster your search into different catgeories to use highly specialized feature extraction methodologies.

Data Marketplace inclusive

The base layer of the cyber-security mesh uses publish-subscribe capabilities. At any time, data owners can authorize additional service providers to handle their data as well. In effect this creates a data market, where service provider have to compete with the best service. This enables the co-opetition of several players and prevents a vendor-lock-in because of data silos.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

The choosen abstraction layers allows to address applications, devices or users with no restriction. As an integration layer the cyber-security mesh allows you to scale your application landscape to new levels and frees you from vendor specific constraints. Data and application portability allows for an easy migration to other data centers with a snap of your fingers.