Neuropil® Cyber-Security Mesh

The composable approach to add cyber-security at all levels and in all places.

The neuropil® cyber-security mesh is a new and fresh approach to counter cyber-attacks and to minimize the attack-surface to a minimum. It's foundations are based on modern concepts like named-data networks, self-sovereign identities, zero trust architectures and attribute based access control to increase the cybersecurity level of it’s users beyond the current state-of-technology.

The solution integrates a small micro-gateway into every application, that allows to setup application defined networks. In effect its users will benefit from the new way of secure, scalable and sovereign data integration to easily comply with legal, organizational, operational and compliance regulations and requirements.

The Neuropil® cyber-security mesh is developed as an open source project to allow everybody the incorporation into their own products or services. It can be used as a building block in different sectors, industries or verticals to build a new ecosystem of applications that are based on security and privacy by design principles.

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