Commercial Services

Hybrid Cloud Integration Done Right

Software as a Service

We are running several fault tolerant cloud instances that can help you shuffle data between different data silos or dispatch data to different receivers throughout your supply chain. We are currently offering two choices:

You can buil-up or join an ecosystem swarm together with your partners, mutually supporting each other as you develop your high available data space. Or we can host your private swarm to give you the full control over your data landscape.

Either way, we'll apply fair pricing that scales as you go!

Own Integration Layer

Then get a training! If you like to run your own hybrid integration layer, schedule a set of sessions with us, so we can share our entire hands-on experience with plenty of practical tips.
At the end of the training, your employees will have full knowledge and will be able to plan, build and smoothly run the Neuropil messaging layer in your enterprise.

Tailormade Features

Do you need a specific feature? You've found a bug or you need a tailored solution for your individual use case? Let us know, either by contributing to our open source development, or by requesting a supported version of the Neuropil messaging layer. We are here to help your company achieve data sovereignity

Open Source Development

Prevent Vendor Lock-In


The Neuropil messaging layer is designed as an open-source solution for two very good reasons:

The Neuropil software itself is based on other open-source components, public knowledge and participation. Software should be shared and not kept secret. We believe that good security tools need public development and reviews, so that software can be improved and errors mitigated.

We hope to attract independent open-source developers to build a vibrant community, mutually improving the Neuropil protocol and creating other valuable solutions. We have many ideas that we would like to share with you, especially if you're a student in the field of cyber security.

World of Cyber Security


In addition, we are maintaining a public repository, if you would like to contribute code.


We have written a short tutorial to get you started.

Donwnload and Installation

Get started

We are currently working on two tasks, that will help you get an easy start.

The first one is the provisioning of VM images (docker/jails/...) with a pre-installed set of our current Neuropil release. This docker image will help you set-up your own cloud instance and connect it to other Neuropil nodes.

Secondly, we are working on making Neuropil installable as a package. There are plenty of operating sources in the world, and we currently have plans to add the Neuropil messaging layer to the BSD package repository and to NixOS. For other OS we need your help!

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