Your B2B middleware for data in transit.
Decentralized & open-source.

Technology you can rely on

"I need to transfer highly sensitive medical data"

"We cannot afford downtime of our machines"

"Our clients' data needs protection throughout the entire supply chain"

As enterprise architects we have a special interest in secure global data communication. Neuropil is developed to foster data sovereignty and ZeroTrust security environments. Our messaging protocol assures the stable and secure communication between machines and applications, while reducing IT costs, maximizing availability, and increasing reliability. It can be implemented in all communities and organizations dealing with highly sensitive information.

Special Features
  • fully-automated security and privacy by design
  • decentralized access delegation
  • high availability routing
  • dual digital identities and dual encryption layer
  • fine-grained attribute based access control
  • end-to-end encrypted messaging
  • and of course it's open-source
  • more? then read on

Our vision

To protect the protocol and its use we established the Neuropil trademark. It is meant to show end users that their data is kept safe and secure. There are different ways of enforcing the needed trust and security of (your) solutions through the Neuropil trademark:

  • is the open-source developers’ community with open and voluntary membership seeking to strengthen privacy and security. It will also be used to handle responsible disclosure policy
  • gives interested enterprises an overview of our product and the commercial services (i.e. training, certification). Furthermore, it is the contact point for cooperation partners who wish to join us in building a European-wide network using structures based on secure data exchange for their clients, partners and for themselves.
  • is in progress. As the Neuropil market place it will showcase our partner’s services and products, (freelancer / service provider / algorithm producer / security reviews) which will be certified by the consortium

If you would like to join one of our initiatives, please reach out and contact us. Updates will be made available on this site.