We have collected a non-exclusive list of benefits for you that you will be able to achieve when using the neuropil messaging layer. If you would like to hear more, then please Contact us for more benefits.

Transport Layer Privacy

Right, we take away something from you and your operating team: the control over your network connections. We believe that computers are much better in maintaining connections. We give you something in exchange: privacy enabled communication path, that prefers locality (read latency) and mathematical distance (read: obfuscation).

de-centralized security layer

The heart of neuropil is decentralized. The built-in algorithms always assume, that there is either some other node that could be suited better, or that another node could fail (on purpose or by accident). Our technical routing is using the same approach as the swarm intelligence of ants.

attribute based access control

Still using passwords? It’s wrong, believe us! Especially in current IoT deployments the lack of digital identities is a major risk that needs to be managed and addressed. Applications and machines alike do not need passwords or symmetric keys, believe us! neuropil uses cryptographically signed security token, that can be revoked at any time.

a tiny "security gateway" in every application

Too often we have seen “security gateways” failing: there is a way around them, or they cannot fulfill the requirements fast enough, leading to additional (less secure) solutions. We believe that security is a cross functional requirement, and that each application can take its part to enable it.

access delegation and data ownership

By using attributes on messages, documents or identities it is possible to add data ownership to each of these entities. By adding encrypted attributes it is possible to verify whether a person has been authorized or not. Attribute based access control based on cryptographic primitives gives the control you need, without ever entering a password.

Infrastructure independent function-as-a-service

Our routing and addressing is based on hash values. These hash values are truly location independent, and due to the virtue of our overlay network a hash value can always be resolved: dynamically, when it is needed. That means you can give your algorithm an identity, which is always addressable: behind your firewall or in the cloud. At the same time an attacker gains nothing when presented with your hash value.

No privacy-gap middleware

A key requirement if modern infrastructure is the ability to protect customer data so that nobody is able to see it. We see encryption not as a burden, but as a relief: data protection is not about documents, it is about protecting your employees from errors, misuse and, speaking of really highly sensitive infromation, intimidation.

Multi-tenant environments

Ever heard of multi-tenant environments? You should, because you live in one. Until now allmost all security solutions only added additional measures, your IT landscape has become a “system of systems” that interacts with each other. With each system you add another risk of cybersecurity (i.e. accidental misconfiguration and default passwords). With neuropil we reverse the model: there can be several systems, but they share something in common: hash values and digital identities for the start ...